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The Saitama Inaho Cup Inter-High School English Debate Tournament


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The Japanese government should abolish nuclear power plants.
Japan should abolish capital punishment.
Japan should significantly relax its immigration policies.
日本は,移民政策を大幅に緩和すべきである。是か,否か。 →論題定義

The Japanese Government should prohibit worker dispatching.
日本国政府は,派遣労働を禁止すべきである。是か非か →論題定義
Japan should lower the age of adulthood to 18.
All elementary and secondary schools in Japan should have classes on Saturdays.
English should be taught only by native speakers of English at high school level in Japan.



Resolved: That foreign workers should be allowed to work in all workplaces in Japan.


Resolved: That all public elementary schools in Japan should teach English as a regular subject

during the Integrated Study Period.

Resolved: That volunteer work should be a required subject in high schools.


High school students should wear school uniforms.

High school students should have English debate lessons.

High school students should be allowed to drive motorcycles.

High school students should be allowed to work part-time.

High school sports in Japan should be seasonal.

All high schools in Japan should prohibit students from using mobile phones.

All high schools in Japan should prohibit students from using e-mail and the Internet.

All high schools in Japan should be coeducational.

All high schools in Japan should be privatized.

All senior high schools and junior high schools in Japan should be unified.

All schools in Japan should commence new school years in September.

English should be excluded from university entrance examinations.

University entrance examinations should be abolished.

English should be taught in English.

The results of nationwide academic achievement tests should be disclosed.

Japan should provide all stages of education for free.

Japan should abolish the textbook authorization system.

Japan should raise its consumption tax rate.

Japan should use its road use tax revenues for policy measures other than road construction.

Japan should stop its new medical system for the latter-stage elderly people.

Japan should abolish Prefectures and integrate them into less than 12 States.(06ディベート甲子園改)

Japan should relocate its capital from Tokyo.

Japan should change Osaka-fu into Osaka-to.

Japan should relax its citizenship acquisition.

Japan should lower its voting age and minimum age for candidacy to 18.(2007ディベート甲子園改)

Japan should elect its prime minister by national referendum.

Japan should penalize people who don't vote.

Japan should abolish the Upper House.

Japan should set a minimum quota for female diet members.

Japan should prohibit labor dispatch services.(2008ディベート甲子園改)

Japan should promote work-sharing and/or equal pay for equal work.(2009前期JDA推薦論題改)
Japan should increase its food self-sufficiency.

Japan should ban genetically modified food.

Japan should grow genetically modified food.

Japan should prohibit the use of food crops to produce bioethanol.

Japan should prohibit smoking.

Japan should prohibit selling cigarette and alcohol by vending machines.

Japan should hike the price of a pack of cigarettes to 1,000 yen.
Japan should punish juvenile delinquents as
Japan should abolish death penalty.

Japan should legalize euthanasia.

Japan should stop the citizen judge system.

Japan should introduce the jury system.

Japan should stop operating its nuclear power plants.

Japan should stop operating its conventinal power plants.

Japan should ban nuclear fuel reprocessing.(2008後期JDA推薦論題改)

 Japan should abolish inheritance tax.

Japan should abolish the car weight tax and the car acquisition tax.

Japan should impose taxes on plastic shopping bags.

Japan should impose taxes on CO2 emissions.

Japan should prohibit stores open 24 hours.

Japan should have armed forces.

Japan and the United States should scrap the Japan-US Security Treaty.

Japan should have nuclear weapons.

Japan should amend its Constitution.

Japan should stop hunting for whales.

Japan should host the Olympic Games.

Japan should try to be a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

Japan should participate in Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Japan should allow casinos.(2008前期JDA推薦論題改)

Baseball and softball should be introduced to the Olympic Games.

NHK should be privatized.

Zoos should be abolished.

Animal testing should be prohibited.

People should be allowed to keep animals as pets.(2010ディベート甲子園改)

Human cloning should be allowed.

Brain death should be recognized as actual death.

Ambulance services should be charged.

Cosmetic surgeries should be prohibited.

People of the same sex should be allowed to get married.

People should be allowed to have guns.

A strong yen is good for Japan.

Paper dictionaries are better than electronic dictionaries.

The statue of limitations should be repealed.

Abortion should be prohibited.

Sumo is a sport.